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´Great interaction with Des. It helped define the key goals in a goal rich priority mixed environment. The process takes you through a journey of self reflection and gives the tools to identify, plan and execute on what is more relevant and important to achieve high level goals. My companies benefited greatly from the process, we launched product on record time with customer palpable impact in less than 60 days. If you have many ideas in mind and want to structure execution with clarity and accountability I highly recommend DG Coaching.´  

Camilo Marrugo - CEO KIKI Logistics

´I started working with Des when I was in a pivot for my company and thought it would be beneficial to focus my energy in the right areas and make sure I felt aligned with the change to come. I found the whole coaching process fascinating, as the core principle is that we have the answers within us. You start taking actions on what you think is what you need to do, but Des’s talent to ask the right questions really guides you towards the best course of action to tackle the root problems. The whole process is facilitated by the non-judging and non-interfering environment provided by Des. I highly recommend him if you need to actually achieve personal/professional goals.´

Bénédicte Faure

COO & Co-founder at Lup


´I would highly recommend Des to anyone taking the next step in business development. He has helped me through a difficult transition and showed me how to implement a change management plan amongst many other life skills. Make the time! Thank you Des´

Vyvian White 

Owner Lotus Landscape Design 

Wicklow, Ireland

´The Peak Performance Series sessions with Des & Gabriella had a great impact on how our Managers communicate at work. The course was very interactive and the Neuroscience content was very interesting. We noticed a big impact on how our managers communicate and especially how they give feedback to their teams. Our managers also noted that the mindfulness based stress reduction tools were very effective in helping them deal with the demands of a fast growing company. I would highly recommend the course.´

 Jason Whooley - CEO Biomarine Ingredients

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